Sunday, June 14, 2009

the cheering section

Teton Dam Race

One year ago I never would have thought about running in any race let alone a 13.2 mile half marathon! But here I am!

I have running friends who encouraged me to come running with them. It was a good time to be outside and visit with other women a few times a week. It turns out that I enjoyed it! I remember the first time I ran 3 miles. I told Katrina about the goal of going that far. She ran with me encouraging me the whole way. I wanted to stop but didn't want to be a quitter. Now I am happy I didn't stop. It has been tough but I have kept going. I've had my share of shin-splints and blisters and tears (the first time I ran 6 miles), I even was tripped once by a dog! But I have had enough good days (the first time I ran 10 miles) to keep me going for more!

Thanks to all you running partners: Joanne, Joni, Katrina, Kim and Travis. Thanks for the encouragment, the support, and the talking on training runs!

Thanks to my family for allowing me the time to train, for the ice bags, for being my biggest fans, and all the love you give.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New already

Hey! I am getting this! I like the snow scene MUCH better!

A new adventure

Here I am, trying something new. Friends have been trying to get me to do this for a while. The timing is finally right and I am jumping in!
This first version is a little dull but I am hoping to make improvements as I learn more. Wish me luck!