Thursday, January 23, 2014

Inside My Head

Some of the thoughts in my head while I run with friends…

Shoes, check, keys check, got to get there.  Don’t make them wait.  Motivation high.
Keys stashed.
Note to self…remember where you stashed your keys!  Let’s go.
Start moving, yes! This is going to be a great day.

Earbud secured, best song ever.  Good thing too, everyone is quiet today.

…ugh…what was I thinking?  Stop it, the first mile is always the worst.
No really, what was I thinking?  That it will be worth it, keep going.

Susie tells the funniest stories about her kids. How many times has that happened at our house? Family life, gotta love it.  Laughter feels good…laugh, keep breathing.

1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4,1,2,3,4  It’s gotten too quiet, I am counting off the pace.  I am more intelligent than that…think about something.  “Chartless by Emily Dickenson,  I never saw the moor, I never saw the sea…”

I wonder if Annie knows that what she said is insightful and profound, and Sally’s answer is equally beautiful; both comments reflect testimony.  Incredible women, strong women.

Note to self…discuss with daughters all the things I love about these friends.

Keep the pace, stretch it out.  Do it.

Unscientific observational experiment. Who is more likely to scoot over for us, male drivers, or female?
So far, the men have it, and they slow down too. ...  Is that because they want a better view?... 

Note to self...add the lingerie department to your list of errands, and buy that expensive industrial strength bra you were looking at!

Falling behind…
No, that’s a lie.  Truth is…not quitting, motivation, determination, do it, breathe, keep moving.
Note to self…park at the bottom and do the hills first.

Looking at friends.  Easy view from here.  Wow, Sally has amazing calves.  Wish I could look like her.
Wait, stop that!  Name something, anything.  Eyelashes.  I have naturally curled eyelashes and deep brown eyes.
Skip ahead on playlist to “Brown Eyed Girl”
Na na na na na na na na nanana ne-na! “Dance running”, it looks silly, but feels so good!  There are benefits to being at the back of the pack!

Hey wow, I can see the end.  3 more street lights… 4 more mailboxes, 3, 2, 1…
Ah, did it.  I am strong, I am beautiful... Laughing…laughing.
Stronger, I am getting stronger. I beat my time.  (Seconds count, right?)
Make plans for the next run, and lunch on Thursday.

Note to self…I am strong, I am fit, I am capable
… I am urgently in need of a shower! 

Motivation high.  This is a great day!

My thoughts while walking on the tread mill...

... ...,
... ... ..., 
... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Running with friends is much more fun than this.
... ... ...

Friday, January 17, 2014


Just so you know.  Sending my children to public school was not a decision made lightly.  It was a matter of prayer and fasting, and continues to be so. It is not a matter of being lazy or uncaring.  I still teach them.
I teach them things like virtues, manners, work ethics and integrity.  I teach them to love God and to treat others with kindness.  I teach them how to handle situations from others whose parents don't teach these things.  Have there been times when someone has not been nice?  Of course, but those times are few and my children have learned to find the strength and ability within themselves to handle those times with grace. I teach them to understand that the child or adult who was unkind is still learning too.  I teach my children where to find strength and courage within themselves to defend not only themselves, but others who may feel weak.  I teach them to understand that real strength comes from God and so when they feel weak or scared, to understand that God is not weak or scared and He is with them.
 There are times when the work at school is hard, or boring, or flat out wrong.  I teach my child to work hard and to reap the blessings that come from the law of the harvest.  This law applies to so many areas of life other than the garden; school success is just one of them.  I teach my child that not everything they see in the world is right or true.  If there is something discussed at school that is different from our beliefs, we compare it to our beliefs. We discuss it, investigate it, and learn from it.  I teach my child how to determine what truth is and what it isn't by teaching them to pray and to follow the spirit.  He is the teacher of truth regardless of where things are learned, at home, at church or in the world.
I teach my children through involvement in my community how to shape our community.  I teach my children to make decisions about life and what will be best for them as an individual, as a member of a family, and as a member of a community.
 I teach them to love learning for learning's sake and that answers to some of life's biggest questions can be found within the pages of a book and from those who have lived the longest, those with grey hair and soft voices.  I teach them that learning is a lifelong adventure that doesn't end when you graduate or when you reach a specified age. Experience teaches us, success teaches us and our failures teach us. We can learn from others, be blessed by seeing other's victories and their mistakes and bless others by allowing them to see our victories and failures.  I teach them to celebrate success and growth in themselves and in those around them and how to have compassion and grieve for those who struggle. 
Just so you know.  I teach them to understand that what works for us and our family may not be what is best in another family.  I have many friends and family who have chosen to homeschool.  My love and support goes out to them.  Parenting is the hardest thing we have ever done.  We all are in the same place here.  We are doing the best we can for the ones we love the most.  God does not teach me using the same methods he uses to teach you.  He gives us different challenges and different strengths to overcome those challenges.  Let us, as parents, use His example in teaching our children. 
Thank you to all who have participated in teaching my children. All of you, school teachers, Sunday school/primary teachers, coaches, neighbors, community leaders and family, please know I am grateful to you for your assistance in this big, beautiful, frustrating, rewarding, overwhelming and totally worth it job of teaching my children. I just wanted you to know.