Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Club Reads Year 3

2008 was a hit and miss year for me and book club.  I have included all the books for the year but I didn't read or participate in the discussion for some of them.

January 2008

"Life of Pi" is the story of a boy who is traveling to America from India with his family and animals for a zoo.  The boat sinks in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and Pi finds himself trying to survive on a small life boat with a baboon and a tiger.  There was some debate as to weather the story the boy tells is really what happened or if it is a story his mind made up in order for him to survive the actual events.  The jury is still out here so you will have to decide for yourself.

February 2008

March 2008

April 2008

Unfortunately there is a lot of controversy over Mr. Mortenson and misappropriation of charitable funds.  I enjoyed reading about the people in the villages he was helping.  I just don't know how much of this book is really true anymore.  It's one redeeming quality is that of teaching the importance of educating girls and women.  Education changes lives.

May 2008

The Thirteenth Tale is a mystery with a plot twist at the end.  What will one twin do to save another?  Does insanity run in a family?  Is there one good twin and one evil twin?  A fun read.  

June 2008
This was another mystery with a twist but it was not as much fun as 13th Tale.  The main character in the story is a naive and immature girl who is afraid of her own shadow.  She is married young to a widower who is keeping a secret.  She doesn't trust him or the housekeeper but does everything she can to please them.  The housekeeper preys on her insecurities and manipulates her with psychological torture.  I was very disappointed with her reaction as she learns the truth of the mystery surrounding this stuffy and secretive household.

July 2008

This is another fun read but you had better eat before you sit down to read it because it talks a lot about the french way of eating and food in general.  The book covers a year in the life of Peter Mayle and his wife when they immigrate to France.  It documents the trials of learning a new food culture as well as learning to deal with contractors who are restoring their home.  It is entertaining and makes one want to visit there.

August 2008

Mr. Grisham is great at telling stories of political corruption and manipulation of the system by those with money and influence.

September 2008

This was the group pick for the long read this year.  (I made sure I got an unabridged copy this time!)  The characters and story are unforgettable but the narrative is often hard to get through with too much detail.  Be prepared to learn everything there is to know about the battle of Waterloo, Parisian sewers and old abbeys.  I feel quite accomplished to have completed it.

October 2008

This is a mystery / conspiracy theory book along the lines of Dan Brown novels without the good writing, or accurate research.  It is a quick read to keep busy for a while.

November 2008

The Message is the story of a man who experiences Heaven while in a medical induced coma after a near fatal accident.  He shares his feelings of being in Heaven as well as the times he was semiconscious in the hospital.  It is emotional as he tells of his children talking to him while he was unable to respond in any way.  His many descriptions of Heaven include the music there and spending time with family members who had already passed on.  He passes on the message from Heaven about what is most important in our Earthly life.  It is a simple message but often the simplest are the the most profound.

December 2008

This is a heart warming story of a boy who learns to appreciate his mother and a man who comes to know the love of God.  It is based on actual events of Mr. Beck's life.  It is a good Christmas read.