Tuesday, June 28, 2011


The real Ironman race is run locally. There are activities for it all weekend even though the race itself is only on Sunday  The first event to start out the weekend was the ironman kids race.  We found out about the race only a couple of hours before it began and were able to get in with last minute registration.  The race with tshirts was only $5 and it took longer to find a parking spot than to run the race.  I am glad we did it though, it was a great experience for the kids.  The man who has won the last couple of years talked to the kids before the race and the Women's Hawaii winner ran with them as the rabbit.  There were other race participants there as well to encourage all the kids.  There were about 250 kids total.

This was the start and finish line. The race was only one mile.

They didn't time or place the kids but Cole came in less than 6 minutes.   He said he had a hard time getting out of the crowd but he was still one of the first (7 or 8?).  My face was behind the camera so I had a hard time counting. 

Sierra was number 3 or 4 for the girls division.  This kid kept weaving in front of her so she couldn't pass. No matter what side she tried to go around him he would block her.

She finally got around him and left him in the dust before the finish line.  This picture doesn't show how badly she beat him but it was quite a ways considering she is just passing him here.  He cried at the end because he was beat by a girl.

This is Hailey on the right with her friend Sarah.
Hailey looked like she was just out for a nice jog until she saw the finish line.

She passed the boy in front of her before the finish line.

They got ironman medals as they crossed the line.  Past finishers of the big race handed them out.  It was a fun afternoon.

Random Happenings

I was asked to take photographs during a week of construction for Habitat for Humanity.  It was really fun and they have used several of the pictures on their website. 

Book Club was held at our house after reading John Milton's "Paradise Lost".  The book had been on my shelf for quite a while so I was excited when it was selected for book club.  This was the table spread.  You cant see the devils food cake behind the angle food or the deviled eggs that are out of the frame.  It was a fun night and a very good read!

We learned glass etching in YW.  Sierra came home and made this gift for her dad at Father's Day.

A friend introduced us to the show "Toddlers and Tiaras".  We don't get the TLC channel so we have been watching online.  I'm afraid to admit it, but, it is a bit of an obsession.  We glitzed up a bit (we are very mild compared to the little girls on the show) and had fun taking glamour shots.  The girls even went to the grocery store like that!

It was a happy birthday for me.  Here is one of my newest favorite treats.  Peanutbutter M&M's.  I also have discovered an old classic...Muddy Buddies.  I know they have been around for a while but we just cant make enough of them around here.  Another newer favorite for me is the Dreyers Yogurt blends- especially the strawberry although the blackcherry/vanilla swirl is good too!

Cole and his buddy Austin made cookies one afternoon with their own twist on the classic chocolate chip recipe.  They added caramel sauce and miniature marshmellows.  They turned out very tasty!

Memorial Weekend

We got to visit grandma over memorial weekend.  Hailey had learned a lot about our state's geographical sites in school this last year.  We made some detours on our way in order to get to see some of them.
 The following are Shoshone Falls.  (Bigger than Niagra by the way) The falls were pretty spectacular with all the extra snowmelt and rain!  Most of the time a person could walk across the top without problem. (If you could get past the gates)

Here are Cole and Haiey wrestling with cousins.

The little Cowboy is not in costume.  That is who he really is.  He had been helping his dad with the cows earlier.  We have the best neices and nephews and there are a bunch of them.  I love those kids.

Spring Sports

We cant wait for the snow to melt before sports begin again.

Cole's baseball team took third in the region. 

 The soccer field was the consistancy of a kitchen sponge from the snow melt and all the rain.  The kids were completely worn out after this game.

Hailey is about to make the shot!

Entertainment for Brook

Brook hasn't been feeling well lately and is desperately trying to entertain herself.  She missed the last half of the district golf tournament, missed over 20 days of the last 2 months of school, had to withdraw from two golf association tournaments and from attending AFY.  We still don't know how to help her but have more testing coming up that hopefully will give us some answers. 
I woke up one morning to find this construction project after she had been up in the night.  She has figured out how to play on the Wii using just her hands.  Seriously!  I played Just Dance with her yesterday.  She beat me and she didn't even get up off the couch!  Friends and family are invited to come by and play board games, cards or video games.  There is always food, so come!


Brook made this cake for Patti, the golf pro who helps the highschool golf team.  It was her birthday on the same day as district playoffs.  If you look carefully there is a water hazard, sand traps and a little sugar golf ball near the hole.  She and Chelsea spent an afternoon working on it and it was a big hit with Patti and the other golfers.

Brook and Chelsea

Monday, June 27, 2011

No Dumb Blond

Brook won an award as an Idaho Top Scholar.
The award is given to the academic top 10% of the state.
We are very proud of her.  She works hard to accomplish her goals and it is gratifying to see them fulfilled.

 Here is Brook on the right pictured with a good friend and fellow winner from this area.

Creativity Abounds

The "Box Car" (saran wrap for the windshield, pot pie cups for lights, giant pipecleaners for the steering wheel, paper plates for the wheels, paper cups for the back lights and pipecleaners to hold the door shut)

Art exhibit at school.  I love the self portrait!

 This club house had new details everytime I walked by.  There is everything from landscaping to eggs in the bird nest.  And this is just the outside!

Out at the lot

We lost a few trees from winter stroms on the new property.  We needed to thin some others too. So we have spent several hours limbing and hauling and stacking wood.  The kids spend a lot of time on lawn mowers keeping the weeds down and keeping everything looking neat.  We are still waiting on bids from builders to work on a new house out there.  It is a slow process but at least it is moving along.

This is Cole learning to use the camp stove he got for his birthday.  Having a young scout makes birthday shopping easier.  What does he get from mom and dad?  Camping equipment!

Ice Bowling

We have had a very cold spring, or a long winter (which ever way you say it means the same!) Here is Hailey and a neighbor friend ice bowling!  They popped the ice out of a couple of sleds and a bucket like they were popping ice cubes from a tray and set up the game. You can see the tow ropes for the sleds are still stuck in the ice. They were out there for a long time despite the frigid temperatures.


I had to throw this picture in.  This is Grammy's favorite place to sit.  Here she is cramming for book club!

Talent Show and Dr. Suess

The local elementary held a talent show in the spring.  Hailey did a great job. 

The school also celebrated the birthday of Dr. Suess.  Cole went as Mr. Brown and Hailey went as a Who from Who-ville.  Check out the hair!  Crazy is an understatement!

YW Winter Campout

The last few years I have taken the Young Women in our ward on a winter campout.  The first year we didn't have snow, last year there was a lot of snow but it was relatively warm.  This year there wasn't a lot of snow but brrrrr, it was cold.

This is Sierra trying to light a fire without matches.  The girls learned to use steel wool/ batteries and flint/steel.  They also used different types of materials as tender.  I had a great time and I think the girls did too.


Several girls were asked to decorate a table for a formal dinner and dance.  This was Brook's

Prom with Jamin Jeske
We drove down to Logan, Utah to find her dress.  I cant believe the bargain we found and she looked so beautiful!  She had a great time with friends.

Holiday Treats

Hailey didn't catch a lerechan but he did leave candy behind!  Lucky girl.