Wednesday, July 29, 2009

4 wheelin' fun

Wind in your hair, dirt on your face! It's gotta be fun!

Bear Lake

We spent one day of a family reunion at Bear Lake in Northen Utah. It was a blast. The weather and the water were perfect. Hailey let go of her water inhabitions and is now like a fish. We are all very proud of her! Brook spent most of the day lounging on a float out from the beach. Robyn played in the sand and read on the beach. Sierra, Cole, and Hailey had tons of cousins to play with. John and I tried to keep from getting burned! A fun time was had by all.
At the end of the day we stoped at the Bear Cave in Paris. It is a little burger joint on the highway leaving the lake. Raspberry milkshakes really hit the spot!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Rocky the Rockchuck

Grandma and Grandpa's farm has a lot of Rock chucks.
Hailey decided she wanted one for a pet.
So John gets this great idea!
If Hailey will make a cage for one then he will catch one for her!

She named her future pet "Rocky" the Rockchuck.
She fulfilled her end of the bargain... so did John!

"Unforutnately" Rocky was able to bust out of his confines and made his escape back out to the fields.
I think both Hailey and John had a great time!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recent events

Robyn Graduated From High School! I cant believe how fast the time has gone! She is off to BYU in January! Good Luck!

After beating out the local competition Cole was invited to participate in the Idaho State Hershey's track meet. It was a very exciting day!