Thursday, March 17, 2011

a small assortment

This is Cole's new dresser/ lockers.  We found it on Craig's List and got a great deal.  I dont know who was more excited about them, Cole because they are "cool" or me because it's too tall to stack things on top!

School was out for a snow day and I put the kids to work cleaning out their rooms.  It was a job needing done for a Looooong time, but we couldn't seem to find the time to do it.   I was the mean mom that day and not wanting that bad name to stick, I made lunch fun.  Do you like our "School of Tunafish"? 
 (yes, they are tuna sandwiches)

Finally!  I have been collecting the letters for several months now and they have been piling up on the floor under where they are now. Everyone in the family has their first initial and then the "t's" are obviously the family surname.  We finally had a couple hours of sun so I spraypainted the ones that needed changing and got them all hung up at last.  The downstairs family room is feeling a little more homey and less like a dungeon!   

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