Sunday, October 3, 2010


Cole had a great game against the Badgers!  Cole is white number 95 in the pictures below.  The ball is in the air just left of the Domino's sign.  He got the interception at the 10 yard line and they didn't get him down until the 40!  Way to go!

This is the same game after the hand-off.  He looks like he is the model for the trophies!

Cole vs Goliath!  That is Cole up against Blue #81! 

Cole believes eating Spam is good luck for him on game day.  Here is the story.  We try to expose the kids to different foods from around the world.  One night when we were eating something new the kids mentioned Spam and how they liked eating new kinds of food but they would not, no matter what, be eating Spam!  Well, being the "mean" parents we are we knew we had to give it to them because we didn't want them having the attitude that they are too good to eat something.  Soon after this we served Spam for dinner just before Cole had a basketball game.  They liked it!  He had a great game that night and his coach said, "I don't know what you fed that boy but keep giving it to him!"  Of couse we all laughed at this!  So Friday night he brought me a can of spam from the pantry and asked if we could have it for breakfast before the game on Saturday. (pictured above)  I made spam and eggs on english muffins and he had another great game!  It looks like I'll be buying Spam by the case from now on!

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Holly said...

That's hilarious Jen! Forget the Wheaties, hello SPAM! Now you all need to watch the ridiculous but funny clip from Monty Python, Spam. It's a quote in our house... May give you more menu ideas too. :) Tell everyone hello!