Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fall sports

Cross Country
 Here is Hailey (far left) with a few of her friends from the ward who attend other schools.  I am glad they don't let the rivalry come between them.
This is a picture of some of the girls from her school.  They are holding her up so their heads would be even.  The girl on the right is as tall as me!  (they are all 4th graders!)

She didn't place where she wanted to but it looks like she still had a great time!

Cole had fun playing football again this year.  This is his favorite sport and the coaches had them moving around and playing different positions.  Many of the 7th grade boys are very big and Cole is...well, Cole is not but he doesn't let that stop him.  He was the smallest boy on his team but held his own out on the field.  He knows he will probably always be on the small side (at least through high school)  so he makes up for it with his speed.  (He'll be smaller for a while if he is anything like his dad.  John was 117 pounds when he graduated from high school and didn't really grow much until he was on his mission.  He even grew some after we were married!)

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