Friday, February 6, 2015

Life's Many Missions

 I am supposed to find a mission for my life, but what does that mean?  Is a life mission one big event?  Have I missed it?  Is it still waiting for me?  How will I know it when I see it?  What if I find it but I am unable to complete it? 

What is my mission in life?
The canned primary answer just slips off the tongue. We are sent to Earth to have a mortal experience with a body and learn to be more like our Father in Heaven. While this may be true in the most general sense, the mission of a specific individual is much harder to define.

I believe we have many missions in life.
The most obvious one for me is: It is my mission to be the mother of my particular children.  This has been the biggest one I have found so far.  But there are also many small missions which are easily overlooked.  These are the little acts we do for others as we live our lives.  Who know but that time you showed kindness to someone was a job only you could do.  I believe the Lord has us in situations to do His work for him.  He inspires us to action for the benefit of His children. 

Sometimes we can feel like we don’t have a mission because we are not part of something grand.  We feel small and useless, but the accumulation of mini-missions can add up to a lifetime of service, glorifying not only ourselves, but God as well.  Isn't this what makes a life well lived? 

Doctrine and Covenants Section 58: 27 reads:
"Verily i say, men should be anxiously engaged in a good cause, and do many things of their own free will,and bring to pass much righteousness."

 Most of the time, when we feel mission-less, it is because we have turned our thoughts inward to ourselves.  When we reach out, we find missions every day.  This mortal experience is about finding those missions and completing them well.

I also like the next verse. 28:
"For the power is in them . . ."

The power to find and complete our missions is in us as we follow the teachings of the Savior and listen to the guidance of the spirit.   This is comforting.  I am certain there have been opportunities to serve in mini-missions which I have missed, but that also means I have many more to look forward to. 

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