Saturday, January 24, 2015

Ethicst Statement

I am an L.D.S. Woman.

In all things, I will strive to build upon my understanding and my relationship with the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Each choice and action, even the most mundane, will be willingly and conscientiously directed toward him.  This attitude will allow me to grow and develop characteristics which reflect my commitment to covenants I have made.  Some of these characteristics include faithfulness, loyalty dependability, industriousness, peacefulness, preparedness and being service minded.

I have heard someone mention that whatever we do, do it as if doing it unto the Lord.  This attitude has been something I have worked to develop within myself for many years.  It has helped me become a better mother in ways I never would have seen before.  Often the chores of motherhood are mundane to say the least and I fail to find joy in my tasks.  When I remember this simple attitude even the smallest chores like folding socks becomes a joyful action celebrating my place and those I love the most.

I believe this same attitude carries over to other areas of my life, from callings, to paying my bills, and to my relationships with my family and those I come into contact with in the community.  I also believe it will carry with me as I re-enter the workforce.  If all I do is directed to the Lord, then there is no need to cheat, anger or make life difficult for another. With every choice I am forced to ponder the question of if I would perform the same way if I was actually doing it for, or to, the Lord. 

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