Tuesday, June 29, 2010

41st Birthday

Well, 41.  I never pictured myself here.  I could see myself as a young mother with toddlers and small children.  I could see myself retired and perhaps on a mission.  For some reason I never really thought about what I would be like in the middle.  It feels good.  So I wanted to take some time and figure out who is this person I am now and enjoy it.  I feel a little silly writing about myself so I'll just make a list, it is easier and more comfortable.
-I am a wife
-and mother of 5
-happy to be a "Stay at Home Mom"
-wish I could stay at home more!
-Love the gospel.
-Love our family motto "No Empy Chairs"  It holds lots of meaning for us. ask me about it and I'll be happy to share
-Love that there is a priesthood holder in my home!
-Love that he uses it for me and others.
-Always get answers to my prayers.  wish I always liked the answers
-love to read
-started a book club (it's in it's 3rd year now)
-love to cook but hate to do dishes
-love it when a new recipe works out and tastes great too!
-try to keep my house and family organized and efficient
-Enjoy setting a timer to help me get my work done (I'd rather do someting fun but cant enjoy it until the work is done)
-one of the best compliments I have received from a friend..."Your house always smells like bread!" (just wish it were true)
-best compliment from my kids..."Wow Mom! You're smart!"...thank you for noticing
-best compliment from my husband..."You did a good job."...ahhh, the satisfaction
-Young Women's leader (have been for most of my adult life)
-Love teenage girls- quirks and all
-I am my kids biggest fan
-try not to be the loud parent in the bleachers(it still happens sometimes)
-get annoyed with other drivers
-my kids remind me that other drivers cant hear me when I tell them how to drive!
-becoming more patient with those drivers (it's an effort)
-enjoy reading blogs of other people especially other moms who keep it real and have great craft/home/photography ideas
-tried to get into scrapbooking-hated it. too much stuff and equipment-  Started a blog instead
-learning how to upholstery -I will probably never do it again after this first project (pictures to follow)
-learning photography- having a blast!  Thanks John, for the perfect birthday gift!
-Love a nap on Sunday afternoon.
-Love that my kids are building a special relationship with their Grammy.  Not everyone has the opportunity to have a grandparent live with them.
-Voluteer with the Office of Emergency Management-I've seen a lot of  things I hope to never see again
and seen some miracles happen and love the energy that happens when people work together
-wore a BYU football tshirt at Walmart and was treated rudely
-Love to be super nice to rude people just to watch them squirm!
-Enjoy a good game of Settlers of Catan.  (especially if i win!)
-I am not a good sport.  I am getting better (another effort)
-Talking about Personal Progress makes me smile
-a list maker.  I love to cross things off as I complete them. (confession- I even add things to my list just so I can cross it off too!-pathetic!)
-Love it when my kids sit on my lap - even when my legs fall asleelp
-have great friends.  They are all different, all beautiful, all talented, smart and fun.  And they are all real!
-find mistakes in my bank account almost every time I reconcile!  it's getting better, yes, another effort
-would rather not roncile my bank accounts.  John is better at it anyway. but I know it is important! bleh!
-Love the variety of bird song outside my bedroom window in the morning.
-looking forward to building our house.  Not looking forward to the work.  Looking forward to having it done.
-Want to make our home a farm home. 
-Farm home = good feelings, good food, self sustaining, work and fun.  It's a lofty goal but I believe attainalbe
-Feel enormous satisfaction when completing very small goals! most especially when they add up to a big one
-cant stand it when people eat while talking on the phone.  Had a friend who talked to me while on the toilet.  I hung up the first time I heard her flush, then I got used to it and now it just makes me laugh!
-teach piano lessons after school.  I love it.  (just dont like the "donkey song" I am sick of it!
-love it that my husband always calls me during his lunch break
-My comfort food...definately Mexican!

-Family, it's what I do.
-LDS Woman.  It's who I am.

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Loralee and the gang... said...

Hi there-
I hopped over here from Facebook. You have a cute blog. I really love this post, and blogging in general, because it helps to get to know people you might not otherwise have the opportunity to get to know. So, hi there, and be ready for more comments from me! Leaving them is one of my favorite blog-things to do!