Monday, June 7, 2010


John got to go to Korea again.  This is the view from his hotel in Seoul.  Notice the garden on top of the building.  He didn't have time for sight-seeing as he was very busy at a rolling mill in Yeongju.  When I asked him why he didn't bring home "travel" pictures he just laughed and said, "I was working."  So, if you ask an obvious question, you get an obvious answer! 

This is where I spent most of the month of March after having surgery to repair cartilage in my hip. I have heard that manditory bedrest is terrible but I was very spoiled by family and friends.  I have to admit I rather enjoyed the break.  There is not much better in life than to smell breakfast cooking while you are still in bed!
This is a sweet card the girls in Young Women made for me.  They are so fun!


We have planted 75 trees!  There are already Ponderosa Pine all over the lot.  We have added White Pine, Douglas Fir, Spruce, Poplar, and Sugar Maples.  The Poplars and Maples alternate on both sides of the lane. I am very excited for them to grow in.  The display will be marvelous!  We have also planted Elberta Peaches and Honey Crisp apples.  I have never had fruit trees before so I am enjoying learning how to care for them.
(The little white "house" in the background of this picture is the chicken coop.  It looks like a playhouse to me!)

Light was fading fast on this evening but we got a fun suprise.  As the sun was setting the geese and ducks began their nightly migration from the farms on the prarie back to the lake.  Their path goes right over where we will live.  They didn't seem to be too afraid of us and as the light faded they traveled closer and closer to the tops of the trees.

"Spring" Break
We traveled to Utah and southern Idaho for spring break.  We got to visit Robyn and John's brother, sisters and parents.  The pictures from Easter didn't turn out but this is the travel conditions we had on the way home!  I love living in Idaho!